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Malcolm X: The Great Photographs


Pub: Stewart, Tabori & Chang

This pictorial chronology of the life and work of Malcolm X spans the years from the 1919 marriage of his parents to 1966 sentencing of three men convicted of his murder. It is virtually impossible to capture the life and legacy of such a resplendent and mystifying individual in any one book, but this beautiful volume attempts to do just that and does it well. In the text, novelist Davis ( 1959 , Grove Weidenfeld, 1992 ), doesn't merely retell the story of Malcolm's life but tries to describe how phenomenal the man himself was. A picture speaks a thousand words, and this compilation of photographs from such noted photographers as Gordon Parks and Henri Cartier-Bresson speaks volumes about this man whose "face has become an omnipresent icon, a silent image attracting people." Davis's in-depth captions provide background and surrounding stories, although there are no printed records available for some of the events photographed. For those who already admire Malcolm X, this celebratory photo essay brings him to life; for those who still do not understand him, it will provide inspirational insights. Highly recommended for all collections.--Library Journal

X: The Life & Times of Malcolm X


The opera on CD

The x should be red, and the CD should be in stores but
only used copies are around.

Nominated for a Grammy, 1993

Gramavision Records

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Beautiful companion to the opera with background on the Amistad case, illustrations of the costume designs and profiles of the creators of the world premiere production at the Chicago Lyric Opera.

Amazon has a few copies

All the Renegade Ghosts Rise


Poetry, 500-copy edition
Anemone Press

$25. Write for a copy

1959 (Hardback)


Grove Weidenfeld, only one edition
Hard to find but cheap, $2-3.

1959 ( U.K. edition)


Hamish Hamilton Publishers, London
Can't help you on this one.


Published by Lyric Opera of Chicago

"They created not only a masterpiece of American opera, but further a work that, against a contemporary horizon darkened by undercurrents of racism, resonates today." --Wes Blomster, Opera Today

Amistad is not only a good story, but it is also a story about hope in times of despair, salvation at the last moment and happy endings despite gruesome times. . . .

Davis's musical elements bank on graphical and direct interpretation [as] the overture accordingly symbolizes the sea of sounds [beginning] the fight for a just cause. In addition to all the heroic and dramatic events, the Amistad [setting] is also full of satirical wit and fantasies. . . . Davis blends complicated rhythms into the picturesque flow of the musical happenings. . .

The score floats between blues and beating gamelan echoes. . . The text is easily understandable and Davis introduces catchy melodies between verses of the lyrics. . .This opera offers a version that is both serious and entertaining. -- RAINER WAGNER, Opern Welt

Scores & permissions: G. Schirmer




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