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People frequently ask me how they can get my books, which are hard to find, and often out of print. Thanks for trying to purchase them! I have posted links for books I don't have and cart buttons for those you can get from me.


Grove Press

"Willie Tarrant recalls both Scout in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and Nel in Toni Morrison's Sula. . . . A captivating heroine."--Michiko Kakutani, The New York Tiimes

"Accomplished and captivating. . . A powerful, impressive debut." --Kirkus Review

"Powerful and unassuming, piercing and poignant . . ."--Valerie Boyd, The Atlanta Journal/ Constitution

"Extremely thoughtful and extremely fine. . ." --Carolyn See, New York Newsday

"A vivid and rewarding novel . . . " --Adrienne Rich

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Poetry Collection

Now back in print, this collection of Thulani Davis's poetry is a remarkable, galvanic experience reminiscent of the visionary beauty and fiery resolution of Sonia Sanchez or Ntozake Shange. These are poems of visceral impact, whether they speak of the shattering of a love, the violence of history or modern life, or the "whole body of God, weighing down on one nail." There are poems of passionate sensuality and stunning loss. This is the work, Ishmael Reed wrote, of "a formidable poet ... inimitable ... a serious artist who deserves serious readers."

"Witty, vibrant rap poems that come at you with the immediacy of spontaneous composition ... subtle and complex." -- Publishers Weekly

"Playing the Changes is a major accomplishment in North American poetry ... the work of an absolutely singular and faithful intelligence." -- June Jordan


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Penguin Paperbacks

"Not only a solid, immensely satisfying thriller but also a sweet, powerful, and complex story of friendship, loss, and the things you can never know about those you love."--The Boston Globe

"A compelling story of the friendship between two exceptional women, deftly placed in the terrain of a mult-ethnic urban landscape." -- The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Libretto for the opera "X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X"

"[X] has brought new life to America's conservative operatic scene, being a work at once genuinely new, musically and theatrically effective, and concerned with matter that, still inflammatory [21] years after Malcolm X's assassination, is kept before us each day in New York's streets and by the news from South Africa....The work is gripping, and it is unlike any other opera... X is a work that deserves to enter the American repertory." -- Andrew Porter, The New Yorker

"One extraordinary contemporary opera ... a riveting work, uncompromising politically...splendidly theatrical. The odd thing is that it was put on in these reactionary times....The overall effect is of an amalgam of epic theater, classical opera, and jazz ensemble... A spellbinding work ... authentically important and original." -- Edward W. Said, The Nation

"A first-class piece of work and a significant addition to the American operatic repertoire." -- Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post

"X has the markings of a great American opera." -- John Rockwell, The New York Times

"A startling debut...X [has] a strong story to tell, and a sense of urgent actuality in its undertow of black American traditions... " -- Paul Griffiths, London Times

"Not since Einstein on the Beach has an opera by a composer new to the form been such an event. . . Davis' complicated, sometimes dry and knotty, sometimes raucous and vibrant opera insists on its place as serious, new, black music." -- Leighton Kerner, Village Voice

"A notable success " -- Chicago Tribune

"[Davis'] powerful...X, The Life and Times of Malcolm X caused a sensation at the New York City Opera." -- Michael Walsh, Time Magazine

For music scores: G. Schirmer





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